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Summer is in full swing, the nights are hot and the days are hotter. Bittia is quiet...but not for long.





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How to Join: Enter Coin!

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How to Join: Enter Coin!

Post by The Console on Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:23 pm

How to Join Bitty Lions!

1. Read the rules & create an OOC account.

2. Message the console for the character base.

3. Create your character! Choose amongst the available pelt colors, choose any eye color, add manes and base accessories. All markings are available as long as they're not too out of the box. You may ask staff if you're in doubt.

4. Create your IC account. Forumotion doesn't allow for multiple accounts under one email sadly, but we're trying to work out a way to solve this.

5. Using the Creation Form, audition your character. They will be accepted by The Console.

6. Make a SPAWNING thread at Bacana Beach and begin your adventure!

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