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Resources & Crafting: A + B = Useful Item

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Resources & Crafting: A + B = Useful Item

Post by The Console on Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:07 pm

Bitty Lions introduces the option to craft accessories, weapons, and healing artifacts using Bittia's all natural resources! Resources shall be kept updated in the Lio Dex, and so will the items crafted.

How do I obtain resources? : Winning lower level NPC battles makes the dead NPC usually drop a resource, depending on the district it is in. While traversing Holy Ground, your character might try and search for the resource, and their success and amount gained will depend on a success roll.

How do I use them? : Just post a Crafting request and the resources shall be removed from your Lio Dex and the craft item added.

Can I trade resources and items?: Yes! Your characters can trade with other player's characters, but it must be carried out icly. Weapons created by War Hearted Mortals may also be traded.

**Important notes:

1. The race and class of your character denominates what they can craft.
  * Only Serpent Thieves may craft stink and smoke bombs.
  * Only Serpent Thieves and Nature's Gifted can craft poisons
  * Only Nature's Gifted can craft medicines.  
  * Only Mortals can craft accessories, but these can be traded to other races.
  * Only War Hearted Mortals can craft weapons, but these can be traded to other races and be obtained through battles by other War Hearted.
  * Only Mortals can craft food recipes, since they are the only ones that need such sustenance.

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