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Classes 102: Another detailed guide

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Classes 102: Another detailed guide

Post by The Console on Tue Jan 16, 2018 12:12 am



* Elemental: Handlers of magic! With the Mage’s necklace on, the Elementals can harness the magic of the four elements, eventually leveling up to use dark magic or light magic. While they start off with simple defense and attack spells, these become more complex and powerful.

x Levels 1 - 5: Elementals start off with the four basic element spells: Flame’s Sword, Wave Shield, Healing Breath, and Sucker Vines.

x Levels 6 - 10: Elementals now have the ability to choose between dark and light magic, unlocking either the Visions of the Haunted or the True Love’s Kiss spell.
x Levels 11 - 20:  At level 20, Elementals can now master the spell of Resurrection.


* Serpent Thief: Masters of stealth, these thieves employ all types of skills to beat their opponent. Starting off with the ability to ambush and stalk targets by just a personal item, Serpent Thieves eventually are able to craft stink bombs and poisons, as well as the final great invisibility cloak.

x Levels 1 - 5: Serpent Thieves start up with the ability to Ambush, taking off more health points in the initial attack, as well as the ability to Stalk targets, giving them the ability to impose on threads created less than 42 hours later after the personal object in question was acquired.  

x Levels 6 - 10: Serpent Thieves are now able to craft stink and smoke bombs as well as poisons from resources found on Bittia.

x Levels 11 - 20: At level 20, Serpent Thieves can now craft the Great Invisibility Cloak with the necessary resources.


* War Hearted: These are the type to charge into battle and not think twice! Your usual go in guns a blazing crew. The war hearted start off with the ability to use weapons that go leveling up as they go along. Weapons have a higher chance of critical damage than the usual attack of other classes. Mortals who are War Hearted can also craft weapons apart from earning them in battles, but these will not level up like the base and earned weapons. A skilled war hearted will gain access to a most powerful weapon, the axe of justice.

x Levels 1 - 5: The War Hearted start off with a basic level 1 weapon, the Bone Sword. Any battle earned weapons that are past their current level will not be able to be used until leveling up.  
x Levels 6 - 10: The base weapon (and all earned weapons) that reach level 6 may now be doused with poisons bought from a Serpent Thief or Nature’s Gifted, for extra damage.
x Levels 11 - 20: At level 20, The War Hearted have earned the ability to use the Axe of Justice. 


* Nature’s Gifted: Connected to the roots of Bittia, this Class crafts the most powerful medicines and poisons in the whole island. Their base abilities include crafting the Oak Salve and the Night Lock Brew, and as they level up they gain more recipes while strengthening their connection to mother nature. A being truly one with nature will unlock the cure all medicine.

x Levels 1 - 5: Nature’s Gifted start off being able to craft the Oak Salve (+10) and Night Lock Brew (-10) from the necessary resources.
x Levels 6 - 10: Nature’s Gifted can now grow plants from the earth, using a fraction of their own health, to make crafting recipes easier. They’ve also earned the Cobwebs (+30) and the Spider Venom (-30)
x Levels 11 - 20: At level 20, Nature’s Gifted can now use the magical Cure All (+50) which not only works in battle, but to cure the sickly, wounded, or anybody else that might need help


* Beast Master: Beast Masters have domain over the lesser creatures of Bittia, their abilities to control other animals are both for good and evil purposes.  They start off conquering the skies, then the earth, then the sea. A true Beast Master will not only be able to control those who serve them, but will also be able to morph into them for short periods of time.

x Levels 1 - 5: Beast Masters start off being able to control birds and bats, for scouting and finding resources.

x Levels 6 - 10:  Beast Masters can now have a small companion, as well as control rodent species on land for battle, yet the bigger the animal, a bigger percent of the damage inflicted on it will translate to the Beast Master.
x Levels 11 - 20:  Beast Masters can now control reptile species in bodies of water, turtles in the ocean for gathering resources, and crocodiles for battle within lakes and rivers. At level 20,  Beast Masters can now become any of the animals they control for a small period of time.

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