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Races 101: A detailed guide

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Races 101: A detailed guide

Post by The Console on Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:43 pm



* Mortals: The quote  unquote, normal inhabitants of Bittia. Despite not being born with any supernatural skills, they are heartier than the other races, spawning with the most health out of all three. Mortals with the Nature’s Gifted Class make stronger medicines and potions, while those with the War Hearted Class are able to craft their own weapons from resources. As they are indeed mortal, they have a hunger bar to be kept up with hunting meals, fruits, or other kinds of nourishment.

x Levels 1 - 5: 150 H/ 100 A/ 100 D (At level 5, Mortals can now craft recipes to award more hunger)
x Levels 6 - 10: 180 H/ 130 A/ 130 D (Mortals can now craft things such as rings and necklaces with the necessary resources, regardless of class, and without having to purchase them at the shop)
.x Levels 11 - 20: 210 H/ 160 A/ 160 D (Mortals now lose hunger very slowly)


* Vampires: Sexy, bad, and over the top, this race is savage and strong. While vampires lack defense stats, they make it up in attack, being the strongest race in all of Bittia. Vampires with the War Hearted Class have higher chances at critical moves, while those with Nature’s Gifted are able to find herbs and other resources faster. Instead of a hunger bar, they have a thirst bar, and depending on level may need more or less drinks.

x Levels 1 - 5: 100 H/ 150 A/ 80 D (At level 5,  Vampires can now gain thirst from Plasma Fruit)
x Levels 6 - 10: 130 H/ 180 A/ 110 D (Vampires can now turn Mortals into their own kind)
x Levels 11 - 20: 160 H/ 210 A/ 140 D (Vampires now lose thirst very slowly) 


*Angels: Don’t let the name fool you, not all angels are sweetie pies. Despite their lack of health, angels have great ability of defense and pretty standard attack. They’re hard workers as they are born without wings, and must earn them as they level up. Angels with the Beast Master Class have an ability to soothe and heal other lesser creatures, while those with the Serpent Thief Class can mask their scent and tracks invisible for a small time being.
x Levels 1 - 5: 80 H/ 100 A/ 150 D (At level 5,  Angels can now bless or curse children of any race, changing their stats)

x Levels 6 - 10: 110 H/ 130 A/ 180 D (Angels can now form guardian ( or naughty) angel bonds with Mortals)
x Levels 11 - 20: 140 H/ 160 A/ 210 D (At level 20, Angels have earned their wings)

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