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Breeding & Aging: They're cute till puberty hits

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Breeding & Aging: They're cute till puberty hits

Post by The Console on Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:29 pm

Stages of an Itty Bitty Lion's life:

Newborns: The little ones are born deaf and blind, and will need plenty of time with momma. Vampire fangs not yet developed. Elementals have yet to show signs of magic. Beast Masters can't really do anything either.

2 months old: Eyes and ears open, and the cubs begin to babble and wiggle. Baby vampires begin teething, as do the rest of the races. But with less fangs. Elementals can now do sparkle magic. And Beast Master babies will begin to attract birds.

3 months old: Playable age! Cubs now begin to form words and move around the den, and close to the pride territory. They can now be weaned. Baby vampire fangs are fully in, and Elementals can use small amounts of magic. The Beast Masters can now begin to talk to other creatures.

6 months: Our cute cubs are now moody teenagers. Full abilities are now achieves for each race and class. Manes will start growing and hormones will rage.

1 year: WOO! Graduation. Now the cub is a fully fledged adult. Dry those tears cause now manes are fully grown and full size has been achieved. Yet the mental and physical maturity has still a little ways to go. Now they may take on secondary ranks.

2 years: Wow. They're getting old. Now your baby can have their own babies. Physical maturity ACHIEVED! Now they may take their own prides and become primary leaders.

5 years: You've officially reached adulthood. Way to go! Mental maturity ACHIEVED!

10-12 years: At the end of the journey, you finish your last level. GG buddy. GG.

Breeding & Birthing:

1. Lions must be 2 years old to breed. Males can go on till they're 10, but females have to hang up the hat at around 7 years.

2. A breeding thread must be posted, all mating must be set as fade to black. There will be a success roll done for conception and the number of cubs. After that the cubs are mostly up to the players, but their races must be inherited. Classes can be picked without prior heritage.

3. Post in the adoption center to get those cubs players! Females will be pregnant for 2 IC months, and any cubs who do not have players 1 IC month after the birth thread will be considered dead.

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