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Baywatch for kids

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Baywatch for kids

Post by Eric on Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:19 am

It was quick. Just an opening of the eyes really. One second he was running, angry, and maybe a little scared. Not that he’d admit. Another second, he was tripping, teal eyes squeezed shut. But he didn’t fall on the hard ice, instead on ample amounts of soft golden sand. It cradled his back, as a long breath left his mouth. The gulls cried, the waves rushed over the wet sand. A breeze passed, warm along the edges.

And then he opened his eyes.

Now. Being from Sweden. Where everyone was hot and pale, and the beaches were not so hot, but still pale. This was all a...sensory overload. The colors, the sounds. Eric sat on his butt, rubbing his eyes. But nothing changed. So the boy stands, lips twitching and curling over his baby vampire fangs. Vampirism made everything intensify...add to that the the kid had grown up with a pet rock cause all they had was damn snow and rocks, and you have yourself a very stunned little Eric.

He takes quick steps cause the sand is hot. Just the real life version of the FLOOR IS LAVA that we all played as kids. No. I didn’t play that. I’m too damn cool. And once his feet are washed over by the ocean’s gentle lull. It’s weirdly warm. The little viking prince stumbles back. The wave reaches for him and retreats. So it becomes a game. He runs forward, sticking his tongue out, taunting it. Once its fury returns and the wave comes back, he runs away giggling.

Sure is nice to not have to worry about being a viking warlord.   Sass sass sass.

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