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The RULES: Playing safe

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The RULES: Playing safe

Post by The Console on Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:38 pm


1. No bullying! Respect each other, and give each other LURVE.

2. Don't do IC actions because of OOC related problems. If you're having trouble with someone, contact staff to sort it out.

3. After three warnings, trouble makers will be banned from Bitty Lions.

4. Do not ask for re-rolls, please. If you think something is unfair, please contact staff.

6. Any art pieces showcased should be properly credited to the artist.

7. DO NOT take out the Character Base and use it on other sites!!!

8. Tag all Mature threads M, or give warnings at the beginning of a specific post.

9. Have fun! We're all here to write and enjoy each other's characters.


1. No God-modding, Mary-sueing, or bringing OOC knowledge into IC.

2.  Even if your character is a Vampire or Angel, don't use them to overpower Mortals. All races have their perks and weaknesses.

3. Remain faithful to your Race and Class. Ex: Don't use magic if you're not an Elemental.

4. Again, have fun!

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